Planning for Mini-IVF after tubal ligation? Let’s catch a glimpse of some necessary details

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No Worries! It’s your mind and your decision so if you have changed your mind to untie the knot of your infertility and again want to undergo those 9 month golden pregnancy days then you do have the best option of mini-IVF after your tubal ligation procedure surgery. With the help of mini-IVF treatment, you can become pregnant. Thanks to the advance medical technology that has made easier for us to think these solutions.

Mini-IVF treatment is almost same as traditional or normal IVF medication, the main difference between these two fertility medications is with its fertility medications that female takes at the initial step to stimulate her ovaries. During normal IVF, multiple eggs are required at the time of fertilization to get favourable result, to get several eggs, high dose of fertility medications are required. In mini-IVF, instead of several eggs, a single or a few eggs are needed and that’s the reason in mini-IVF, lower amounts of fertility drugs are given to the female patient.

Benefits of Mini IVF after your tubal ligation

Mini- IVF is one of the best and advance fertility treatment and is much less invasive process than tubal ligation reversal procedure. Tubal ligation reversal surgery requires the female patient to undergo several weeks of bed rest and recovery time. On the other hand, IVF ends with soothing recovery.

Mini-IVF process although sounds quite uncertain giving favourable outcome but it’s not, it is much easier than any other treatments or a reverse surgery and gives a productive result too. In mini-IVF procedure, the female has to start taking the fertility medication and injectable hormonal drugs to stimulate the eggs. The fertility mediation in mini-IVF is of lower doze comparing with the medication provided in traditional IVF.

Once the ovaries are stimulated, eggs are taken out from the ovaries like in IVF step. After assortment of the eggs, fertility expert mixes that egg with the male partner’s sperms for fertilization.

On fourth or fifth day of the fertilization, embryo is at the stage of blastocyst and this is the best stage when embryo is placed into the female’s uterus. One of the biggest and advantageous points of mini-IVF after tubal ligation is that the female doesn’t have to undergo a major surgery of tubal ligation reversal, where the patient need to stay in the clinic or hospital for several days.

IVF is the universal remedy to treat with any kind of infertility problems. IVF brings forth the best result in the case of tubal ligation process. Consult with your fertility expert before going for mini-IVF treatment after your tubal ligation surgery; ask them about the success rate of it. Success rate of any of this case depends upon several factors such as –

  • The procedure that was used for the initial tubal ligation surgery
  • How long the time has been since the surgery has performed
  • Age of the female

Challenges of Mini -IVF after Tubal Ligation

There are few challenges of mini-IVF after tubal ligation, like if the female is undergoing IVF cycle to become pregnant; she has to stick on a proper schedule of medication. During the mini-IVF, she has to come up with the fertility drugs and hormonal injections that stimulate her eggs. These fertility drugs and hormonal injections may cause side effects as such- mood swings, headache and bloating. If the female undergoes IVF not mini IVF, then she may have higher risk of multiple births, but in mini IVF treatment, she is out of this risk.

Yes! At some cases, mini IVF treatment is not recommended where the women reaches the age of 40 or beyond 40. This is because IVF success rate depends upon the age of the female. As the age of the female increases, her eggs quality declines day by day.

Benefits of Mini- IVF after Tubal ligation

  • Mini –IVF has a better chance to give a favourable result than a tubal ligation reversal surgery
  • Less recovery time and fewer fertility injections or drugs
  • Mini-IVF decreases the possibility of OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome)
  • One of the benefits of mini IVF over tubal ligation is the pregnancy days. If you have mini-IVF process successful then you don’t have to wait a long time for your baby- just 9 month but if you have tubal ligation reversal surgery, then you have to wait for at least 1 year to find out if the reversal surgery was successful or not, then only you can go ahead for your dream.


adminPlanning for Mini-IVF after tubal ligation? Let’s catch a glimpse of some necessary details

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