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Planning a baby? Follow these do’s and don’ts

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When the childless couple plans for the baby, there are more or less things to be kept in mind and in order to avail such knowledge an individual must maintain the proper decorum accordingly that means both the partners within the couple should follow such type of guidelines and instructions to owe the healthy baby in the healthy pregnancy stage.

As the child is the need of every married couple and for such need to be fulfilled, every couple must be indulged within the activities of easily assessing the available knowledge with the same and try to follow the instructions over it. Here is the checklist provided for you of what to do and what not to do in such a relative aspect  to be complete the procedure of pregnancy to be fulfilled should be as given under:-

  • Eat a healthy and nutritious diet at the pre- pregnancy stage

During the stage of pregnancy or even before the stage of pregnancy, one must be advised to follow certain norms as per the terms and conditions relative to such procedure as the experts should provide the couple a proper diet chart and the chart in which all the instructions are mentioned regarding what to do and what not to do.

And the experts must mention within the first line that the female partner in the couple must take the proper diet which is having adequate amount of nutrition present in the diet and also the diet which is considered as a healthy diet by the experts and other team members who are having the knowledge of such procedure and the diet chart should be prepared by the experts for the same.

  • Maintaining a prominent body weight (Neither overweight nor underweight but the probable body weight of the female partner)

The female partner in the couple must have the probable body weight that means the female                          must maintain the weight that is neither overweight and also nor underweight but in proper possession that is required by the female partner in conceiving a baby and handle the pregnancy in a well processed manner.

The female partner in the couple should have the weight which is very much enough in handling pregnancy and also to avoid the situation relative with the miscarriage issues. Also the body mass index should be best defined within 20 to 24, which is considered as the best body mass in conceiving the baby and also to deliver the healthy baby after 9 months who is having the adequate quality of all the nutrients and vitamins present in his/her body.

  • Female body must be full of energy and the desirable body weight when planning of the child

Female’s body must be full of energy that is needed for day to day proper functioning. As we all are aware of the fact that there is busy and hectic schedule a female should follow in today’s present life as the female is working female who has to manage her home and her office too and with this the female partner is feeling lazy, tired and loosing energy after coming back home from her office.

In case she is planning a baby she must have to follow the set pattern she maintains and manage the time accordingly and get the best out of the same and in case she lose energy than it is not to be processed further and in case the energy level of the female partner is not maintained than she might face some issues relative to the planning of her baby that may be she face some delay in the same.

  • Consuming pre -natal vitamins and minerals

Before the couple plans and after the process is being processed further the couple or especially the female partner in the couple have to intake the vitamins and minerals in the required qualitative and quantitative amount. In case the quality and quantity that is being available and that is to be required fluctuates than in such a case the female should be able to get the best qualified and quantified amount.

The amount of such vitamins and minerals as is present therewith must be in the adequate formulations that the female partner’s body should be getting the rich diet that is full of such substances that is to be most probably required within such formulations of achieving a healthy pregnancy and the body didn’t lose any important substance even after delivering the baby.

  • Taking the required qualitative and quantitative supplements

In case the female is involved in the gym activisms or in the yoga or doing anything to maintain fitness than the female should be advised by the experts to take the supplements within the prompt and accurate manner so as to make the fitness well or to acquire the inner pace that is insistent with such a procedure to be completed well while planning a baby.

  • Taking less caffeine while planning a baby

In case the female partner is in the most assertive way that the couple should be planning a baby and in case the female or the male (any partner in the couple) is taking the caffeine excessively than the couple should be processing into such only when the excessive consumer of the same should take it in little quantity or to avoid the consumption of such substance in excess or may take in less amount should be balanced so to get the baby and achieve healthy pregnancy.

  • Non consumption or taking very little quantity of alcohol

In case any partner in the couple should be involved in the consumption of the alcohol or in case the quantity is excessive than the couple should avoid the consumption or taking very less amount in case he or she in the couple is a drinker should avoid such activism in case to achieve healthy pregnancy.

In case the couple is not able to do so than only for a limited duration and the prior time period of pregnancy they must avoid the in taking of alcohol so as to get the baby. And may after achieving the pregnancy the couple is free to take it or to avoid as per the choice of their own.

  • Quit cigarette smoking and also quit the habit of in taking drugs (in case an individual involved)

In case any partner in the couple or may be both the partners in the couple are involved in such activism than the couple should be quit such activities for a while so as to enable the pregnancy and in case the couple wish to quit these activities forever than it totally depends on their wish.

In case the couple is involved in the habit of taking the drugs than such activities must be quit at the same moment so as to get the desirable results he or she wants as a couple after getting married.

  • Having the required and also the qualitative sleep which is enough for normal day to day functioning

In order to achieve desirable pregnancy than the female partner in the couple should get the sound sleep so as to be felt fresh for the next day and in case she takes proper rest her body needs than the female needs the day for the normal functioning of such to be completed in such an aspect so as to achieve the results which is considered as the successful results for the childless couples to attain the pregnancy at the substantial stage.

  • Reduce stress and depression up to the qualified level

Emotional factors should be eliminated in case of such procedure to be completed so as to attain the pregnancy that means the reduction or elimination of stress relative facts should be avoided so as to accrue the process to be done efficiently.

As in case the female or the male partner in the couple who is feeling some kind of stress or depression should be advised to avoid such kind of stress and depression and with such reduction the sexual hormones gets active again and are totally sound in order to conceive the child as the hormonal level raised up to the required level that may accomplished in the procedure to be completed with the activation of hormones and then stabilize them for the reproduction procedure to be done well after reduction of the stress and depression in an assertive form.

  • Medical care, regular check-up and regular tests should be involved in pregnancy process to be completed with proficiency

A couple who is planning further for the baby has to be involved in the procedure relative with the medical care, regular check –ups and regular test like the ultrasound test, pregnancy test, blood test and other relative tests so as to get the confirmation that the female partner in the couple is conceived the baby or not.

In case the female partner is conceived successfully than the couple is advised by the fertility experts or gynecologists to get the regular check- ups, avail proper medical care like the medications, injections or the bed rests in case the experts advised her or in case the pregnancy tests or the blood tests should be required to be done than the female must assure to do so for further clarity about the healthy pregnancy.

adminPlanning a baby? Follow these do’s and don’ts

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