Lok Shaba passed the Surrogacy Bill

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The surrogacy bill (Regulation) 2019 bill was passed on Friday (17th December 2021) in the Lok Sabha. After passing the bill, the parliament adjourned.

Dr Harsh Vardhan, the health and family welfare minister of India, introduced the bill in 2019 in Lok Sabha. That was transmitted to the Rajya Sabha for agreement and proposal overlooking. It was passed by Rajya Sabha on 9th December 2021 and transferred to Lok Sabha.

The bill regulates some form and building authorities to oversee the processes and practices. It restrains commercial surrogacy advertising and allows altruistic surrogacy in India. In Altruistic surrogacy, the intending parents do not compensate the surrogate mother but, the postpartum birth insurance will provide to her.

The (NSB) National Surrogacy Board and (SSB) State Surrogacy Board will form to regulate the people on the surrogacy process.

According to the bill, the couple should have a valid certificate for surrogacy eligibility, Indian heterosexual couples are legally married to each other at least for five years and have ages between 23-50 years (females) and 26-55 years (males).

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adminLok Shaba passed the Surrogacy Bill

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