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Know The stages of IVF pregnancy

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The procedure of achieving pregnancy by IVF treatment is far different from natural conception or natural pregnancy. Once the female has attained the pregnancy by IVF, the days of pregnancy will be same as the women with normal pregnancy. Procedure through which the pregnancy has achieved in IVF that is quite complex.

So, if the couple is facing with infertility syndrome, and trying to get conceived but unable to attain pregnancy (for more than six month or so) then it’s the time to take help from ART techniques and if talking about fertility medication  then IVF is the second to none option to bring about the days of your Parenthood. IVF is the advanced technology to treat with any kind of infertility issue.

Let’s get into detail of different stages of IVF Pregnancy

  • Suppressing of the natural menstrual cycle

Once you have met with your fertility experts and selected the best fertility clinic to be undergone for IVF treatment. Your expert will prescribe some medication to suppress your natural menstrual cycle. This medication is taken either as a regular injection or as a nasal spray. This medication makes the next step of IVF more effective.

  • Stimulation of your ovaries

As soon as your natural cycle is suppressed, you will be provided a fertility medication (FSH) for the stimulation of your ovaries. This too is a regular injection, which you have to inject yourself (if you are unable to inject by your own then you can take help from your clinic’s nurse). This hormonal injection will go around for 12-14 days.

You must be thinking why FSH is beneficial for the stimulation of ovaries. This is because Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) increases the number of eggs that female’s ovaries produce.

We all know that each month, a single egg comes from the female’s ovaries but for better fertilization in IVF medication, instead of single egg multiple eggs are required and that’s the reason why several eggs are needed to get favourable response during fertilization.

  • Progress evaluation

Once the female starts to take the fertility medication, she has to visit the clinic at specified date (according to the schedule by her clinic).

By blood tests or vaginal ultrasound scans, fertility experts monitor female’s ovaries. If the eggs are supposed to be enough matured then before obtaining the eggs, a trigger injection (hormone) is given (before 30-34 hours before retrieval of the eggs).

  • Collection of the eggs

Now the step comes of the collection of the eggs. This step is carried out under sedation. The eggs will be retrieved using a hollow needle that passes through vagina and into each of the female’s ovaries (with the assistance of ultrasound).

This is not at all a troublesome procedure, may be the female patient after the completion of this step, feels little dizzy not more than that.

  • Fertilization

Once the eggs are retrieved, they will be mixed with male partner’s sperm in Dynamic Fertility and IVF Centre clinic. Motile sperm penetrates with the egg and if it does, then fertilization happens.

After three days of fertilization, an embryo will be of seven to nine cells and at the stage of blastocyst (on the fourth or fifth day of fertilization), step of placing the embryo initiated by the fertility experts.

  • Transferring of Embryo

This is the final step of IVF cycle; initially embryos are examined to choose the healthiest one to transfer. Via a catheter, best selected embryo is placed into the uterus of the female. It is much simpler than egg retrieval procedure.  After this step, bed rest is recommended for around 24 hours.

If any healthy embryo is left over (or embryos), they may be frozen for the future attempt (if the couple wants).

Within a week or so, a female has to visit the clinic for the check-up of successful implantation of the embryo or pregnancy test. If the embryo is placed successfully, then pregnancy will soon happen.

adminKnow The stages of IVF pregnancy

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