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IVF Failed? Relax! it’s not the end of your IVF journey

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So you had your IVF cycle failed, you must be feeling a combination of sadness, depression and disappointment or maybe you even getting angry regarding the No result of your IVF treatment. It’s really okay and natural to have this distress but to apply full stop of these torment days, the first step, which you have to do is to make you out from this grieve.  For this just uncover the surface of tension and the trouble, which you have been going through for the past few days. Give yourself a week or so from pulling out yourself from these days before deciding what to do next.

There are several factors for why the IVF treatment does not become successful and out of these factors, some of the issue can get resolved in the next IVF cycle. There are several factors, which include the success rate of IVF treatment

  • Age – Age is one of the crucial points to get positive result from IVF course of medication. Female’s age plays always important role in getting the yes outcome from IVF treatment. As the woman reaches 35 of her age, her egg quality becomes decline on the basis of its fineness. Below the age of 35, IVF is said to get fruitful result.
  • Ovarian response – In some case of failed IVF treatment, women do not produce multiple eggs because of their less number of eggs produce from the ovaries.
  • Embryo quality – this is one of the common reasons of failed IVF treatment. It happens that embryo fails to implant with the uterine wall because of the chromosomal defect or genetic abnormality. Females who are more than 35, lays poor embryo quality.

What to do when IVF treatment fails –

If you got your IVF unsuccessful, then no need to take stress anymore, as it happens usually in many of the fertility treatment especially if we look at the case of IVF, we will get to know that many of the patient who have undergone IVF and got negative outcome there second IVF cycle becomes successful. How? It is because when first IVF cycle fails, then we get the actual point of trouble that is occurring during IVF cycle.

We at World Fertility Services first review the records of your previous IVF cycle carefully before your next visit to our clinic. We will get through all the necessary details and understand the exact reasons of the cycle failing, the points, which are focussed during this stage are egg quality, ovarian stimulation or any problems with egg quality, embryo quality and transfer of the embryos to the female internal reproductive organ (uterus).

If there have been difficulties with the female’s stimulation or quantity of the eggs (which you have produced at the time of ovulation cycle), we may opt to change the medication to get better result in the stimulation method.

If you do have issue with the eggs or the embryos, it is high chances for you to get second chance of IVF successfully achieved. If there have been issues with your previous embryo transfer or the female is getting older by the time, we might advocate IVF treatment with Preimplantation screening (PGS) to screen the embryos in your next IVF cycle before the implantation.

PGS method with IVF treatment needs taking a diagnostic assay from the embryo and testing the cells for his or her about the chromosome counts. This permits us to settle on healthy embryos with free of any genetic issues which might stop them from growing.

If the female’s eggs and embryos are found to be healthy and no different problems are detected then you will get the positive results you would like together with your second IVF cycle. We will offer you the best solution  to you the exact solution of your possibilities of obtaining pregnant and having a sound and healthy baby.

These were some solution of the problem of unsuccessful IVF cycle. If you wish to boost your possibilities of succeeding at IVF then try to avoid smoking habit (if any), don’t drink alcohol and stay away from the drugs, have healthy diet to make your all the body regulation normal, take rest and be in calm down phase as ups and downs are in the part of life. Believe in yourself and the doctor’s treatment. 

adminIVF Failed? Relax! it’s not the end of your IVF journey

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