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Best IUI Treatment in India

Why India for IUI treatment?

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is an infertility treatment to provide conception to infertile couples. Due to various reasons, many female or male partners have a problem conceiving. IUI helps women with several issues that prevent them from conceiving and having children. India is the best place for infertility treatments. India has many centres for infertility treatments to increase the conception rates. 

Donor sperm can use to fertilize female partner eggs during IUI treatment. The sperm of the male partner will retrieve or provide through creating. It prepares the female partner womb for conception and puts it into it. Inside the uterus, the sperm fertilizes the eggs.

 It is a highly affordable process than the other infertility treatments. Its success rates depend on the infertility condition and age of the couple. In the process, fertility medications can assist in having better results. Your success rate of IUI treatment in India will depend on the procedure.

In Which conditions IUI can assist for conception?

Several infertility conditions can have an assistant with IUI and, couples can conceive. Your fertility professional will recommend IUI treatment based on your age and fertility health. The following are infertility conditions that can assist with IUI:

*        The female partner has irregular ovulation like PCOS can support with IUI treatment.

*        When the couple faces unexplained infertility or multiple miscarriages in a year.

*        Some issues of male factor infertility can treat through IUI.

*        Mild endometriosis condition can assist through the treatment.

In severe infertility conditions, experts suggest IVF (In Vitro Fertilization).

Can anyone have IUI treatment for pregnancy?

IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) is a fertility treatment that helps infertile couples get pregnant. It entails retrieving sperm and preparing it for fertilization. The couple conception can influence by various circumstances.

Your age is the vital aspect as the success rates will highly depend on it. A person at a young age has a high chance of becoming pregnant with IUI than at an advanced age. The treatment cycles will also provide higher conception possibility with it. Many couples with mild infertility factors select IUI treatment for pregnancy in India.

What is the IUI procedure in India?

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) treatment is a less invasive and easy process. It performs by the fertility expert in a laboratory or the doctor’s office. Your expert can suggest hormonal medicine to increase the eggs count and quality. They advise treatment after the thorough screen of partners. IUI success rate in India will depend on the treatment cycles.

The steps of the IUI procedure in India are following:

1.   The eggs count will increase through fertility medication to increase the success rates. Your doctor will prescribe some hormonal medicines that stimulate ovaries. It will monitor and control production to work on quality control in the ovaries.

2.   Your expert will ask the male partner to ejaculate and produce a semen sample. Surgical Sperm Retrieval (SSR) can help collect the sperm in the blockage problem. The other method TESA/PESA, collect sperm from different parts of the reproductive tract.

3.   It will prepare by your expert in the lab by washing and collecting good quality. The toxic parts of sperm will remove that can cause problems in pregnancy.

4.   One injectable hormone will inject the female partner to release the eggs into the uterus. With an interval of 36 hours, your expert advises the perfect timing to perform the process.

5.   The selected sperm will place on a catheter (a thin and long device) that will insert into the female uterus. Through the vagina and cervix, it will insert inside the uterus and, sperm will inject into the uterine cavity.

6.   After some weeks, a blood test will confirm the pregnancy and IUI treatment cycle results. Then, it will follow the conventional pregnancy and, failure will require another treatment.

What are the IUI success symptoms in India?

Your expert will advise for the blood test to determine conception. It will be a reliable form of checking the results. Still, some signs can be indications of IUI success symptoms. The symptoms are:

  • The female has spotting that involves minimal bleeding and cramps feel.
  • Due to hormonal changes, some women face breast tenderness.
  • Fertilization may cause female tiredness and sickness.
  • Several females also face nausea and morning sickness.

Many women do not have symptoms after the treatment, which does not mean that the woman has not conceived through IUI.

The success rates of IUI treatment depend on various factors. Especially age that can increase or decrease a person possibility of conception through it. The success rate of IUI treatment in India is high.

·    As per a report, IUI has a 30% conceiving possibility in females of 20 to 30 years old.

·    It has 20% success rates at the age of 35 years and 10% for the woman of 45 years.

IUI success rate by age will increase or deprive and give the failure results. Your conception rates will increase with the several treatments cycle numbers.

What is the IUI cost in India?

IUI is a very affordable treatment than other infertility treatments like IVF. The cost of IUI treatment in India is reasonable than in developed countries. In the cost, the charges of the medications will include. For lower-cost treatment, you should check the various centres prices.

Your treatment can require the donor sperm that will include in the cost of IUI treatment in India.

Your IUI treatment price in India can affect through various factors such as:

  •  The couple age
  • Number of treatment cycles
  • Infertility condition
  • IUI treatment failure
  • Centre destination and reputation
  •  Consultation and screening charges

Where to have the best IUI treatment in India?

WORLD FERTILITY SERVICES is a well-known infertility treatment facility. It has an extensive database of the best infertility treatment centres and hospitals. As a result, the various therapies have a high success rate.

For IUI treatment, they have top specialists and the best technologies. They also have packages for the expensive treatment costs.

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