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Increase the chances of your pregnancy by following these IUI success tips

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IUI is one of the productive fertility treatments; it is performed by transferring the semen into the female’s uterus with the assistance of a device, referred as catheter. IUI is also termed as Artificial Insemination (AI), females who have abnormalities in cervical muscles; infertility is unexplained, couples choosing sperm donor, lesbian couples, female with endometriosis, male who has low sperm count etc. decide for IUI treatment. IUI success rate in India have been found between 45-55%. World Fertility Services is one of the well-reputed and globally preferred fertility clinics that provide infertility treatment in reasonable cost putting forward all the advance facilities to the patient.

Success rate of IUI treatment depends upon several factors such as –age of the couple, sperm count, egg quality and openness of fallopian tube. Those couples, who are outlining their IUI treatment, should know IUI Success Tips that increase their chances of getting pregnant. Some of the important IUI Success Tips are given below; let’s read the following tips –

  • Search well and then settle on any fertility expert

True! To get favourable result from IUI treatment, you need to search hard for the best fertility expert, who will perform the entire medication in a superb way. For this thing, you have to keep a close eye to the best and high success rate giving clinics and centres.  Make sure about the doctor’s experience; don’t be shy asking about doctor’s education, experience and success rate or live births etc.

  • Adopt a healthy and nutritious Diet

Yes, this is one of the best and healthy habits to keep yourself fit and fine always. If discussing about IUI treatment, then a proper diet plays a crucial role in getting positive outcome in the couple’s way achieving pregnancy.  Avoid packaged food, sugary food and don’t do hard work-out.

  • Light Yoga is all you want to do 

Yoga is not at all a troublesome factor; it boosts your energy level, makes you active and refreshes your mind. However, you must not get involve in rigorous exercise, as this is strictly not recommended by the experts. Keep doing a light and easy yoga because your body needs to move.

  • Refrain from male ejaculation for at least 3 days 

The male partner must abstain from the ejaculation for at least three days before providing his semen specimen during IUI procedure. By doing this, semen increases that helps in achieving a decent sperm count. It is suggested to not to abstain from ejaculation for more than 4 to 5 days as it can result in an adverse affect.

  • Start doing Acupuncture 

Why not? Acupuncture increases the blood flow and that eventually ameliorate the female’s egg quality. If the egg will be of fine quality then pregnancy will be smooth. Start doing acupuncture two to three month before the treatment begins.

  • Say No to Stress and Yes to Happiness 

It is absolutely true; happiness is one of the biggest factors, which also increases the success rate of getting pregnant. During the IUI treatment, do the things that make you happy and jovial. If you are happy then your happiness directly reflects your baby’s joy too.

  • No Problem if IUI does not work 

Whether the result is positive or negative after the IUI treatment, you should be strong in both of the result and accept the outcome as your luck. Don’t blame yourself or your partner if the treatment did not go well. Stay calm and do that thing which makes you happy.

Chance of conceiving by IUI treatment increases with each level, if you have not been able to get pregnant after three cycle of IUI, then your doctor will suggest some advance fertility treatment like IVF.

  • Consider Supplement if needed 

As per the advice by your experts, have supplements if needed.

  • Quit Smoking for better results 

Those women, who smoke in a daily basis, have their eggs quality declined and thus it causes trouble in getting pregnant. Smoking affects the success rate of IUI treatment. So, it is better to stop smoking to get favourable result.

  • If there is any Hormonal support needed 

IUI treatment may be done with or without fertility medications, so ask and consult with your fertility veteran that whether you need the hormonal trigger shots to stimulate the ovaries or not. The hormonal support enhances the chances of pregnancy.

adminIncrease the chances of your pregnancy by following these IUI success tips

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