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To achieve a sound and fit pregnancy, a woman must possess healthy and regular ovulation. Once a female approach near the days of ovulation, her estragon (hormone) level increases and this causes the lining of the uterus thickens to make a way for sperm easy to come in and fertilized with the egg. High level of estragon triggers one of the hormones, known as Luteinizing hormone (LH). LH surge plays a significant role during ovulation because it causes the release of fully matured eggs from the ovary and this step is all we referred as Ovulation.

If ovulation didn’t occur then the uterine lining of the uterus shed down with the non-fertilized egg and this is what we refer as Menstruation cycle.

Therefore, for pregnancy, Ovulation matters in a whole heap. If a woman has been facing with the issue in her ovulation cycle or delayed menses then she should seek medical advice soon from an experienced specialist.

Best Ways to Increase egg production in Ovary 

  1. Keep yourself fit and fine 

Healthy state of mind and body is necessary for each and every task, whether it is mentally or physically. What comes in mind when saying he or she is fit? He or she must be in good diet and work-out. Right, even if you adopt this healthy habit then it will work on your body too.

A healthy pregnancy or fertility is based on many factors; some of them are –

  • Healthy eggs
  • Regular menstruation cycle
  • Balanced hormone
  • Oxygenation and proper circulation

These factors are directly linked with the healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle too. Women, who are planning to get pregnant, have to do regular exercise (moderate), should stick on a healthy diet. Avoid packet food products and junk food. Once you decide to conceive, you need to stay away from alcohol and smoke because the toxin from cigarettes is too harmful and it causes adverse affect on your fertility potential.

  1. Water and Water 

True! If a woman wants to boost her egg production and quality, you need to drink water like anything. Water and fertility has a healthy relationship and if you go away from water then you may lose a good bond with your fertility too.

Water plays a vital role during implantation process too. Drinking ample amount of water ensures the health of the uterus. Women’s overall health plays a significant role in getting pregnant. Women, who are not healthy and have unscheduled and improper diet, might face with delayed or irregular ovulation. Drinking water in a sufficient amount increases health and that in turn boost fertility. Get at least 8oz. glasses of fresh water every day.

  1. Get abdomen or fertility massage – This also enhances egg quality and its health.


  1. Say YES to mediate and calm your mind

In common, some people ignore these factors such as healthy diet, yoga, meditation, peace of mind and state and so on.

Stress and anxiety are the two major reasons that affect our life in a great extent. This not only troubles our daily routine work or mood but also it causes a negative effect on fertility too. You need to be active and positive too regarding each and every matter. Meditation breaks the stress level and anxiety and it curbs cortisol (cortisol is stress hormone that directly linked with prohibiting fertility capabilities).

  1. Hormonal Balance

If a woman experiences with a hard time getting pregnant naturally then may be the reason behind it could be your hormonal imbalance. Guess what! Millions of women trouble in achieving their pregnancy from hormonal imbalances in insulin, cortisol, estrogen, LH and adrenaline. These hormones fluctuation can result in –

  • High level of stress
  • Persistent of inflammation
  • Poor gut health

A proper diet, adopt healthy meditation, Go for acupuncture as acupuncture facilitates blood flow to the uterus and that turns a productive result in fertility, Avoid omega-6 foods such as peanut oil, baked dairy products, corn oil etc. instead of it, add omega -3 rich foods like walnuts, flaxseeds, wild or saltwater fish etc, get more vitamin D3, adequate sleep. These are some healthy guidance to settle down your hormones in a balanced condition.

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