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Egg donor in India- How to Become One

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The number of women having infertility issues is increasing at a rapid rate, which is giving a push to requirement of quality eggs in India. Egg donor in India requires undergoing some procedure clearing which makes them an ideal donor at WFS medical clinic. The donors will have to undergo the steps explained below.

  1. Initial screening: If you are a first time donor, you will have an initial screening visit to the doctor’s office. Each surgeon performs initial screening in different ways, but there are some standard test done by all. This will include taking out blood of women on her 3rd day of menstrual cycle for hormone test. After this there will be a psychological screening.
  2. Medical screening process: When your pre-testing results are optimized and you have been psychologically cleared, the doctor will conduct medical and genetic screening. This medical screening will be done in a day or it may also require an overnight stay in hospital depending upon the time taken.
  3. Legal procedure: Once you as an egg donor in India are medically cleared by the doctor after passing the above screenings, you will go through legal procedures. During this modus operandi you along with the recipient will have to sign a contract that would allow the doctor to begin the medical cycle.
  4. Synchronization and stimulation: As soon as the contract has been signed, medications will be started for egg donation in India, which will stimulate your ovaries to produce and grow the eggs. You will start with birth control pills to synchronize your monthly cycle with the carrier, who could be the aspiring mother or the recipient’s surrogate. You will most likely start by taking Lupron injections for about 10-14 days, which will shut down your ovulation, putting you in a short-term menopausal condition. While on medications, you will be medically monitored to check your response to the hormones.
  5. Egg retrieval: When the eggs are mature, you will return to the cycling doctor for the egg retrieval. The egg retrieval procedure takes about 20-30 minutes and requires about one to two hours of postoperative recovery. The egg retrieval is performed vaginally, and the eggs are aspirated with an ultrasound guided needle.

The egg donation in India procedure more or less will be performed as explained here.

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adminEgg donor in India- How to Become One

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