Egg Donation in India – Available Affordably

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More and more physical and mental stress is now taking its toll over the health of a woman by affecting her fertility abilities. This has ultimately offered much room for fertility treatment to help such women in conceiving through the eggs of egg donor in India. There are a large number of women wishing to donate their eggs as anonymous donor as a gesture of helping infertile women to conceive pregnancy through donated eggs.

Egg donation is an extremely expensive procedure; however, considering India for such procedures may help intended parents save some extra dollars, which is just not possible when you choose an abroad nation. What you as intended parents would go through is described below in detail.

  • Egg donation in India will start with a lot of paperwork. Renowned medical centers keep a database of people donating their eggs to their clinic. This helps egg recipient to review the profile of the donors prior to using their eggs.
  • After this procedure, the donor will have to go through meeting with the donor coordinator for the initial interview and fix time for signing the contract further.
  • Screening tests are most important to be passed by an egg donor in India. A number of tests are there to be performed by the donor that includes health tests, psychological tests and several other tests. It helps determine the health and medical condition of the egg donor.

After the egg donor is declared fit for donation, the eggs are taken with assisted reproductive technique and fertilized in artificial condition. After fertilization, the eggs are shifted back to the womb of the original mother. Egg donation in India is extremely affordable and thus a number of foreign health tourists consider India for egg donation purposes.

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adminEgg Donation in India – Available Affordably

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