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Difference between Surrogacy and Test Tube Baby

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At this moment, advanced fertility clinics have many approaches available to treat the situation of infertility and to make your parenthood more joyful, even though you are infertile. Although the condition of infertility dates lower back to old times, the remedy options have got modified too much. There have been so many useful and advanced treatments came inside the beyond few decades. Earlier, humans used to be very frustrating and upset with the truth that they’re infertile and cannot conceive through the natural procedure, and the disability changed into handled very brutally in various components of the world.

Decades ago, most of the people think or relate woman as the only one who is supposed to be infertile if the couple is unable to get their infant doing regular intercourse. People had their opinion that woman is the one sterile even as the guys can never have such conditions. This was because of the lack of education as technological and technology (additional education) turned into not as superior as today’s date.

Well, thanks to all the advanced technological advancements and improved educational conditions that have changed the mindset of people. And due to modernisation, the latest techniques and treatments are introduced to deal with infertility today.

Today, there are several options to treat infertility disorder to have a baby of your own. And out of several possibilities of infertility treatments, Test-Tube baby treatment is considered one of the most preferred and accessible procedures of achieving pregnancy even after you are infertile. The surrogacy procedure is the end-most process right now fertility treatment offers. Why is surrogacy the last option to get own little one? Surrogacy uses a surrogate mother to carry the child of the intended couple, and that is why this process results as the most successful one. Surrogacy can only be selected by those couples who have severe infertility issues and have a medical certificate proving they are infertile; on the other hand, test-tube baby treatment doesn’t ask for these formalities. If the couple is less productive, then test-tube baby treatment would definitely work.

Test-Tube baby treatment and Surrogacy procedure have its place in Assisted Reproductive Technology. The only thing is that test-tube baby process can be seen useful for only those couples, who are infertile (with some advanced fertility issues but not severe), while surrogacy is usually selected by those couples, who already have been undergone several ART treatments but all the tries went ineffective.

More about the different aspects of Test-Tube Baby and Surrogacy

Starting from test-tube baby treatment, this is one of the most favoured ART treatment performed by the fertility veterans to deal with infertile couples. The test-tube baby treatment has a common name – IVF or In Vitro Fertilization. Test-tube baby is categorized into two parts, the first one is basic, and the other is advanced treatment. Now you must be thinking about the basic and advanced treatment of IVF, Right? Okay so, let’s make you all clear that IVF or test-tube baby process when performs with the couple’s eggs and sperm refer as basic or conventional IVF treatment. And when the process gets involved with other ART technique, then the process comes in advanced technology.

Surrogacy, on the other hand, involves only one method, i.e. Gestational procedure. Gestational surrogacy is always accomplished using the test-tube baby method. During this method, the intended couple undergoes all the initial steps of test-tube (starting from medication till fertilization), and once the embryo gets created by the couple’s component, the embryo then transferred into the female’s uterus for implantation.

The significant difference between surrogacy and test-tube baby

  • The cost of the test-tube baby process is very less than the surrogacy method. This is because of the surrogate’s reimbursement cost to carry the baby till maturity (for nine-months). In test-tube baby treatment, the intended woman takes the baby (after successful embryo implantation).
    • The average cost of a test-tube baby is USD 3300 approx.
    • And the cost of surrogacy is about USD 38,000 to USD 42,000
  • The procedure of surrogacy and test-tube baby method works on different principles. Throughout the entire system of IVF, the couple is involved; on the other hand, surrogacy is the process that cannot be fulfilled without the help of the surrogate mother.
  • The test-tube baby process when combined with other assisted treatments – advanced test-tube baby, work well for the suitable infertility disorder of individual. For instance, if a male has severe infertility issue and found to be no sperm, then SSR would help with IVF-ICSI. Surrogacy, on the other hand, is usually prescribed to those women who have an absence of the uterus or acute uterine issues due to which the female unable to hold the baby; as a result, miscarriage happens.
  • The significant difference between surrogacy and test-tube is its success rate. Yes, the success rate of each treatment varies. Surrogacy is the procedure that gives surety to the intended couple to have their baby via surrogate, while test-tube baby never promises the childless couple to get their baby at the first attempt. Saying this doesn’t mean that test-tube not works; obviously, it does! But if we will analyse the chance of a successful outcome, then there comes surrogacy first that gives the highest success rate.

Surrogacy can sometimes become an emotional rollercoaster because the person who is holding the baby of the commissioning parent knows that after delivery, the baby is supposed to hand-over to them. Traditional surrogacy, where the surrogate uses her eggs for the fertilization (this surrogacy gets completed by IUI method) consists of major emotional attachment and thus gestational one, is chosen over traditional surrogacy method.

Test-tube baby goes straightforward, including both the partner. At any case, if one of the partners unable to produce quality eggs or motile sperms, then third-party assistance (donor egg/ donor sperm) will help the couple to attain fertilization in the test-tube baby method. When the test-tube baby process involves such additional ART technique, then the cost of the entire treatment gets changed (a bit high).

Bottom Line 

World Fertility Services is one of the leading healthcare platforms that provide the top-notch facilities along with the highest success rate of IVF and surrogacy. We endow with the world-class fertility centres across the globe by serving the best guidance and assistance all through the way of treatment.

All the related facts between surrogacy and IVF are mentioned here. After going via all the factors related to each of the infertility treatments, you may choose surrogacy or IVF in step with your situation. Think and put together your decision accordingly. Going for any procedure (whether it’s IVF or surrogacy) with need your patience, determination, emotional support, and savings. If you have determined to take this step, then go ahead, gather records, you can ask the people who’ve achieved this earlier than and this way you may be organised for all form of situation that is probable to happen at some stage in the fertility remedy procedure. The team of World Fertility Services is always there at each step directing you the most appropriate treatment so that you can welcome your parenthood days soon.

adminDifference between Surrogacy and Test Tube Baby

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