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How safe is IVF in India?

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In India, there are more than million of infertile couples who are trying for a conception. Infertility is that revolving issue in India, which has been rising from many years and now in 2021, there are approx 25 million of couples who can’t make the grade of becoming Parents. Many infertile duos are confused and have not enough knowledge about the solution to treat their infertility cause. IVF is the advance technology to find out and to solve the sterility issue.

IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization, comes in assisted reproductive technology (ART), ART is a medical technique that attempts to achieve pregnancy for those who able to conceive. It is the best productive treatment to get to the bottom of this matter. IVF is the process where healthy eggs and motile sperms are combined in a Petri dish to occur natural fertilization. The main process of IVF course of medication is to achieve safe and sound fertilization and then placing that embryo in the uterus of the female partner for pregnancy. IVF is the crucial and sophisticated method, each and every steps of it is handled in utmost care. Okay! So now the question is this that – Is IVF safe in India? , let’s have a look into it.

IVF is undeniably safe process in India. There are many couples who undergo by this treatment and blessed by precious gift, which they had been waiting for a long time. Success rate of IVF is 70-80%, which is higher than any other fertility treatments. In India, IVF is one of the most common fertility treatments and is easily performed. Thousands of outsiders come yearly in India especially to undergo the treatment of IVF. India is that country where every course of medications is easily available and smoothly performed by the experts. IVF cost of treatment in India is very reasonable than outside countries, there is not any additional charges in India except the proper package of IVF that includes fertility drugs & medications, steps of IVF, fees of consultation, Post care after IVF etc.

IVF treatment is done in the following cases –

Women with blocked or damaged fallopian tube.
Improper ovulation
Unexplained infertility
Male infertility
PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

IVF in India is that treatment which has sprinkled many infertile duos lives and still doing. This is the finest solution if couples are facing any difficulty to become pregnant. There are several ways to do IVF treatment in India. If male and female are able to produce healthy oocyts (eggs) and sperms, then the experts of fertility will go by a normal IVF. If male or female is unable to produce motile, active sperms and healthy eggs respectively for IVF process, by that time Donor sperm or Donor egg will be chosen to complete the procedure of IVF.

Each coin has two sides – Positive and negative, same in IVF technique. However, IVF technique has its high success rate of fertilization but it has few disadvantages too. There is the chance of multiple pregnancy, in the step of IVF; more than one embryo is placed into the uterus of the female partner leading to more than one baby. About 10-15% of IVF pregnancies can result in multiple births. Anyways in India, IVF is accomplished by the experienced hands of fertility experts and doctors. IVF has been used for a long time in India, has a safe and high record. The success rate of this technique has been increasing in India due to its high rate of fertilization. Now the ball is in your court to select India for your IVF treatment to get safe medicament and healthy results.

adminHow safe is IVF in India?

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