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Who qualifies for surrogacy in India?

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To avail Surrogacy Services in India, people across the world need to be eligible as per the guidelines of ICMR ART MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS (MHA) and World Fertility guidelines. The required notifications are mentioned below:

  • Only those intended couples who are physically or medically are not fit or women who are unable to carry a baby in their womb can consider for the surrogacy option. There are ART banks are available through which the couples can avail the services of the surrogates.
  • The people from other country wish to have surrogacy in India then to avail the benefits of the surrogacy the couple have to be married for minimum 2 years as per MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS (MHA) regulations.
  • The intended couples can only visit India on the Medical VISA.
  • The intended parents also need to submit the letter from their Embassy or Ministry in India along with their VISA application that states clearly the followings:
  • The surrogacy has been recognized by their Home country.
  • The child which the couples have through the surrogacy procedure will be consider as a biological child to intended parents and the baby will not be denied for the entry by the intended couples Home country.

As per the hospitals and clinics with which World Fertility has tie-ups the intended parents need to physically present in India at least once, before the commissioning of the embryo transfer.

Medical Issues

The couples in India are only allowed to have the surrogacy treatment if they have the valid medical reasons which give signs that for the couples the surrogacy is the only option left to have a baby. There are some medical reasons such as failed IVF procedures, repeated miscarriages, endometriosis, fibroids, absence of the uterus, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, diabetes etc.

FRRO Registration prior to November 3, 2015

FRRO registration is must for both the partners prior to November 3, 2015. The representative from the World Fertility, the medical tourism company will make all the efforts to provide the updated information on the website and we request to all the people whosoever wish to have the surrogacy in India should personally keep themselves abreast with the latest information from their local authority to avoid any last minutes complications during their visit to India for their treatment.

OCI Cardholders

As per the MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS (MHA), the latest circular which has been passed on November 3, 2015 where it is mentioned that the people from other country holding the OCI not required the permission to be granted by FRROs/ FROs in order to avail the surrogacy services in India. Also, they do not require the exit permission by FRROs/ FROs for the baby born through surrogacy to take their Home countries; however, before issuing the OCI circular by MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS (MHA) the scenario was different as the intended parents whosoever wishes to have the surrogacy in India for them the exit permission was decided by FRROs/ FROs which will depend on case to case.

adminWho qualifies for surrogacy in India?

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