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Know About Infertility and its Treatment

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In this stress-dominating world, most people tend to face lots of difficulties with respect to different things. However, things become worse, when it comes to a couple of issues. Among them, infertility is one of the major concerns that most couples are dealing with. Undoubtedly, it is relatively common and at the same time, it can be emotional and stressful as well. Talking about its figures, it usually occurs in around 10-12% of reproductive-age couples. Some infertility problems, however, can be treated quite easily than others.

Before diving into the treatment of infertility, let’s talk about its meaning first.

Infertility and its causes

‘Infertility’ happens when a couple is unable to conceive even after having unprotected sex regularly. It has been said that constantly trying for 12 months, if a couple is unable to conceive, then it is termed as ‘infertility’. The figures, however, are quite shocking. Around 10 to 12 percent of couples usually experience fertility problems.
Coming to the causes prospects, the list is endless. The following are the causes of infertility in males.

Low Sperm Count: It is one of the embarrassing yet terrible issues usually faced by lots of men. A sperm count of below 15 million is considered as low.

Illegal things: If a man consumes illegal drugs like Marijuana, then the chances of having low sperm count is high.

Overweight: This condition is not serious but may reduce the chance of conceiving. As far as the female infertility is concerned, the causes are given below.

Age: It is a major factor that affects fertility as a woman’s ability to conceive tends to decrease after 32 years of age.

Mental Stress: It usually affects woman’s ovulation and man’s sperm production as well.

How World Fertility Services help Couples in Conceiving?

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adminKnow About Infertility and its Treatment

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