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IVF is the way to better living in your married life, a successful path to conceive

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Since marriage, all the intended couple has inherited the desire to acquire a beautiful baby, which makes marriage more prosperous and joyful. And ultimately marriage proved so blissful .but any intervention on the path of marriage life, proves so fateful and gloomy. And more disastrous, when the relationship is on the verge of breaking and separation overshadows their life. But before that, all those disappointed couples, who are undergoing this panic situation, may look for fertility treatment. But lack of information or devoid of the right doctor may lead to the more devastating face of life. So suggesting, instead of going from one way to other it is better to choose one and only IVF treatment to conceive.

What is IVF (in vitro fertilization) and how safe is it for the couple:-

IVF is one of the more assisted reproduction techniques, which helps to conceive, the process of IVF is so simple and so easy that any couple joyfully makes their way toward a happy life. However, the treatment of IVF is begun by taking sperm’s of father or egg from the mother and manually fertilize in the laboratory to create the embryo and resulted embryo is then transferred into the uterus of the woman to facilitate the process of fertilization.

What are the comprehensive benefits of IVF treatment?

The resulted child is biologically related to the intended couple:- the most covetous and longing benefit to experience IVF treatment is that when the child takes birth, they are biologically and genetically resemble with parents .while using previous treatment, the resulted child may suffer from numerous disease. The process is as simple as used for normal pregnancy.
I VF is undoubtedly helpful for same sex couple:- due to an enormous increase in the number of a same-sex couples, there are numerous couple who are looking for a way to get baby so they lead the normal life like opposite-sex couple lives. For them, only IVF is the one way to get the child.

Woman suffer from fallopian tube disorder:- Due to the knowing fact, millions of woman in the world has tubal damage or blockage. The IVF is indeed a pioneer in the treatment of tubal blockage and allows them to bear a child of their worn.

Disadvantage of IVF treatment:-

The success of IVF treatment is not guaranteed:- while going through IVF treatment, it is not guaranteed that after the treatment, the couple gets baby. However, less than 50%of all couple who experience IVF.so due to very less success rate, it is not considered much useful.

Associate risk of infection, anesthetic risk, and hemorrhage:- through IVF treatment. The chances of risk infection such as anesthetic and hemorrhage. The risk of OHSS is also increased by this treatment. the risk occurred with the treatment, where ovaries of woman are stimulated through medication.

Suffer from multiple pregnancies:- due to the treatment of IVF, the risk of multiple pregnancy is likely to enhance. However, many couple who experience IVF, may not aware of this bitter truth of disease.

The prevailing law in context of IVF treatment:

The prevailing law in the context of IVF treatment:-talking about the IVF prevailing law in India, the IVF law in India (ART ) bill working on the grey area of IVF. the regulation involved transparency in egg donation. it is strictly advised, by law firms and gametes bank to acquire and regulate information on oocyte donor. And by keeping in mind, that, oocyte donor must be compensated by the law firms or gamete bank. If the child is born with IVF treatment, the mother has the legitimate right to the child.

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adminIVF is the way to better living in your married life, a successful path to conceive

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