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IVF: A miracle of Science

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Miracle! Yes we can use this word for science because there are most of the invention that can easily shook the world because it is the only way when the  most of the people trusted on the god but there expectations was faded and they don’t get anything else. But there are some miracle that really being the eye –catching a moment in the history of science. Through medical there are many path by which we can find out many disorders and there the solution as well. Even among many disorders there is one more disorder that can become one of the most debatable and controversial topics to get the child through IVF.

Actually we can use both kind of statement we can say that IVF is a miracle of science as well and a new way to enlarge the size of the family. The word IVF meaning is the In Virto fertilization originally test tube babies, the procedure was first performed 30 years ago basically we can say it ART it means  assisted reproductive technology. The concept to perform it is when all the fertility treatment either surgical or nonsurgical treatment failed so that is the only way is left to conceive the child.

During the procedure of IVF treatment has four stages and every stages included different parts

Ovarian stimulation and monitoring

Egg retrieval


Embryo transfer

It is miracle for those who all are dealing with the problem of  genetic infertility because a couple is tried to apply all the nuances either homely or medical so when they get that through IVF they can easily  conceive the child and bless with the bundle of joy.

There are many couples who all are blessed with the child. Before that, they are dealing with the problem of infertility and get a solution through IVF can easily complete their family.

According to the success story of the Gina and Brian from UK, ‘’We can’t even handle the tag of being infertility couple and most of our friends and family suggest that we can’t enjoy the family relation as well but after the one year battling with the infertility battle we are successful and clear all the tests of the fertility and conceive the child through IVF. The cost of IVF treatment is very reasonable and the staff member of the infertility clinic is very kind, cooperative and helpful.

adminIVF: A miracle of Science

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