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A Comparison between Conventional IVF and Mini IVF

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IVF treatment from the ancient time till now remain the first hope for the patient but the from the few years the IVF treatment remain the unsuccessful for most of the patient so in at case the patient can easily get the best treatment through the mini IVF. Now look at comparison, similarity and the difference between the IVF and the MINI IVF treatment.

The conventional treatments

First let’s consider some of the pluses of the conventional cycle treatments. The conventional is in practice for more than 50 years now and has a great pregnancy success rate. Statistics confirm the real fact that the success rate of the conventional treatments were steady through the past decade and many infertile women a subjected to this treatment now. With the great awareness created in the society, the conventional IVF is getting a huge number of most wanted egg donors around the planet.

Now the minus of conventional IVF are the very high costs involved and the complication of the process. Conventional IVF treatments need very accurate planning and even a minor mistake can lead to health problems for a lifetime. Another minus point of the conventional IVF treatment is the need for high oral medication which makes the patient both mentally and physically stressed.

The minimal stimulation IVF treatments

Mini has many success stories to say. Comparatively, Mini has very low health risks. With less oral medication intake, the patient will not be stressed mentally or physically. With less usage of chemicals in the stimulation of the ovaries, this process is more natural when compared to the conventional. Mini is equally old as the conventional IVF (First appeared in the United States by the year 1967) and has proven competitive pregnancy success rates. Most importantly, the mini treatments are less expensive. Compared to the conventional treatments the minimal stimulation IVF treatments will cost about 28% less. The interesting fact about the minimal stimulation IVF treatments is that it produces only 3-5 eggs and most of the will be fertile. The excess fertile eggs can be stored in an embryo bank. Or to contribute to the society they can become a egg donor.

There is nothing I can say about the Mini IVF treatment. In fact there is none in particular compared to the conventional treatment option. With low treatment cost, healthy pregnancy and low physical and mental stress, Mini IVF is one treatment option that can be recommended.

adminA Comparison between Conventional IVF and Mini IVF

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