I am not able to Get Pregnant, Do I Need a Surrogacy?

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In case you are not able to conceive despite regular unprotected intercourse, then you should need to speak to your doctor they will first conduct your medical examination and then they will suggest you the best fertility treatment. In case, your medical report says that the female partner is not able to carry the pregnancy in her womb then your doctor will advise you for the surrogacy option.

In such cases, you can take a help from the Surrogacy agencies who have the large number of the database for the surrogate mothers who are young, healthy and fertile women between the age group of 21 to 35 years and will ensure you the successful pregnancy.

The Surrogacy agency will act as the following for you which help you in fulfilling your dream of having an own baby:

  • Surrogacy Agency as your Advocate

Surrogacy Agency will work as an advocate for you and the representative from the surrogacy agency will always with you from your initial stage until the baby birth. The concerns of the World Fertility as your surrogacy agency help you to express your needs, your concerns and understand your situation for not conceiving a baby. Accordingly, the representative from our surrogacy agency will empower you through sharing our knowledge and expertise.

  • Surrogacy Agency as your Counselor

The surrogacy agency will guide you about the state where the surrogacy is the legal procedure as there are states where the surrogacy is prohibited. You will work directly with the director of the World Fertility surrogacy agency who will guide you through deciding which state is best for the surrogacy procedure for you.

They also help you with the legal procedure of the state where your surrogacy procedure will be conducted so that you will not face any problem while taking your baby to your home country from the state where surrogacy procedure is conducted for you.

  • Surrogacy Agency as your Risk Manager

Insurance is the most important element of the risk management in your surrogacy journey; hence your surrogacy agency will help you with various available options to ensure that you will have the best insurance plan before you proceed with your treatment.

  • Surrogacy Agency as your Match Maker

The most important part of your surrogacy journey is the best match of the surrogate mother for your treatment which helps you in achieving your dream of success which is your own baby. All the surrogates are screened initially through an interview which our director of the agency takes and this session will take around 4-5 hours and after that, the best candidate is selected as a surrogate mother who will help the childless couples in conceiving their baby.

  • Surrogacy Agency helps in choosing the best fertility clinic

The surrogacy agency helps the couple in choosing the best fertility clinic which includes the guarantee programs, financial assistance programs so that you are also matched with the best clinic which meets your needs and also a clinic which offers you the comprehensive package which suits your pocket and fulfills your dream of having an own baby.

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adminI am not able to Get Pregnant, Do I Need a Surrogacy?

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