Get the Egg Donor in Bangalore who helps in creating families for others

Bangalore is a well-established city where egg donation clinic hires only young, healthy and fertile egg donors between the age group of 21-30 years and who are not suffering from any medical illness or disease. The Egg Donation Clinic in Bangalore has the Indian, African and Caucasian egg donors who are well- educated and superovulated women.

How to become an egg donor?

To become an Egg Donor in Bangalore women need to qualify the given criteria:

• Their BMI should be 30 or less than 30.
• Age should be between 21-30 years
• No family history of any illness or infectious diseases like AIDS or Hepatitis.
• Should be physically fit and mentally strong
• Food intake should be healthy.

Once the women fulfill the above criteria they are hired by the Egg Donation Clinic in Bangalore. After that these women are ready to donate her eggs to the couples who are in need and trying to conceive from a long period of time but unable to achieve the successful pregnancy.

While donating the eggs, the Egg Donor in Bangalore is paid for their services depending upon the country these egg donors are residing, their previous donations and biological factors.

How to choose the best egg donor?

To choose the best Egg Donor in Bangalore who will fulfill your dream of conceiving your own baby is that you can to check her profile on the internet or ask you clinic to provide the detailed history of the egg donor you have chosen. The Egg Donation Clinic in Bangalore will help you with by providing her age, height, weight, color complexion, previous donations with their success rate, how many eggs she can produce in one IVF cycle, quality of eggs she produced for you, etc. also you can check that whether the egg donor which you have chosen for your treatment smokes, or consume alcohol, if yes then you might lose your chances of successful pregnancy.

Before choosing the egg donor for your treatment you should ask all the relevant questions from your Egg Donation Clinic in Bangalore so that you will not end up with negative results due to any of the above factors.

Who need the egg donors?

Women who are physically healthy and mentally strong but unable to produce enough eggs for fertilization with the sperm of her husband or sperm donor need the egg donors. Egg donors are the women who donate their eggs to other women so that she can complete her family by having her own baby. Eggs donors can also be required by the couple who are dealing with the same genetic disorders which can be transferred to the child they have together. Egg donors are the best solution for the single or same-sex couples. Egg donors are also proved beneficial for the patients who are suffering from severe Tuberculosis and severe Endometriosis.

Cost of Egg Donor in Bangalore

The Egg Donor Cost in Bangalore can be easily afforded by the people of average class although it is the little bit expensive when compare with Chennai but if you compared the Bangalore egg donor cost with the cost of other well-developed countries like the US and the UK you will find a huge difference in costs.


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