Misconceptions related to IVF Treatment

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The world’s first IVF baby Louise Joy who was born in 1978, marked the beginning of a change and revolution which has ever since brought joy and happiness in the lives of millions childless couples across globe.

IVF is a technique in which ova or egg is retrieved from the womens ovaries and is combined with healthy sperm of the male in a lab to form embryo and then it is transferred to the women’s uterus for the implantation. Vitro basically means glass and since this technique is performed in lab and fertilization takes places in a dish which is made up of glass, this whole process is called in vitro fertilization.

The toughest task for an infertility specialist is to access couples understanding of how and what all things and procedures are involved in getting pregnant whether it is naturally or otherwise.

Discussed below are few myths related to ivf:

  • Age is a barrier: this is most common myth about IVF and this is false, age is nowhere a barrier in the procedure of ivf, it does affect the success rates but doesn’t restrict pregnancy.
  • Ivf medicines causes’ cancer: as per the recent medical research and studies it’s been concluded that fertility medications are nowhere linked to development of ant type of cancer in women’s body.
  • Poor success rates: this is not at all true; many women’s do not get pregnant every time they have intercourse during their ovulation. On an average the monthly chance for conceiving is about 20 -30% in couples.
  • IVF will make me pregnant after 1 attempt: as natures fails sometimes even after following regular intercourse and right time, ivf is also not guaranteed treatment. This also might get failed at first attempt.
  • IVF is treatment for women’s only: ivf is an infertility treatment for childless couples, the reasons can be anything, and it’s not always women’s who are the reason behind not conceiving. There are many techniques such as ICSI, IMSI, and PICSI which are designed to help couples wherein man has problems with sperm.
  • Risk of multiple pregnancies: this is partially true but not entirely, ivf increases the chance of multiple births however many result in single births and the risk of multiple births can be controlled by Lessing the number of embryos transferred.
  • Ivf pregnancies must be delivered by caesarean section: it’s not necessary that all ivf pregnancies are the indication for caesarean section. Ivf pregnancies are very much similar to any other naturally conceived pregnancies. It all depends on several medical factors to decide the mode of delivery.
  • Ivf is expensive: this is the myth in every couple’s mind who wants to go for ivf that IVF is expensive and it is meant for rich couples. The process of ivf is quite affordable in Delhi. Whereas there are many clinics who often give installments options or some form of insurance cover which helps in couples decision making easier.

Ivf is not always the last option for childless couples who tend to try many solutions just in a hope of getting pregnant however time is determined as one of most crucial factors in determining the success in infertility treatments.

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adminMisconceptions related to IVF Treatment

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