The Most prestigious Film Director in the Indian Cinema Experience Surrogacy

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Karan Johar the big name in the Indian cinema, who has contributed to make the world best film like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Dilwale dulhania lei Jayenge,  Kabhi Kushi Kabhi gum and recently blockbuster hit student of the year. From the recent sources, it is come to know that he has experience with the most assisted reproduction technique called surrogacy’’ to have a  twins baby. Not only Karan Johar but farah Khan is also on the list of the most famous celebrity who has gone through the journey of surrogacy. And proudly claim to have the beautiful baby by surrogacy. To being parents is every parent dream, whether he is a normal human or a celebrity. We all deeply have inherited felling to relish the feeling of being a parent. This is the sole reason why most of the film celebrities have come forward to enjoy the feeling of surrogacy. There is always a hope for everything so in the case of surrogacy it has to give the world of hope to every parent

Karn johar express his ecstasy of surrogacy in his inaugural autobiography of an unsuitable boy

Karan johar has publicly expressed his happiness to experience surrogacy and triumph over the feeling of being a twin’s father.  ‘’Stated’’ to become the parents of twins is a mater of pride and joy. and being a part of it is extremely  a great jubilant. He has written all his beautiful experience to being a parent

Lets us understand broadly what is surrogacy

Surrogacy is one of the most assisted reproduction technique that have done state of the art help to have  the baby. it is one of the safest process which help to get a beautiful baby. surrogacy is a process that based upon   careful mixing the father’s sperm and mother’s sperm in a laboratory by IVF. once the resulted embryo implant into mother’s uterus to get the baby. comparing to all other existing treatment such as iui, icsi and tesa so on. But surrogacy is considered the best alternative to have safe baby. and what is more interesting and amazing about the surrogacy is that the birthing baby is genetically related to intended couple.

There are two types of surrogacy 1st gestation surrogacy 2nd  traditional surrogacy

Traditional surrogacy:- the conventional surrogacy is  a process by using father sperm and injected into the surrogate mother. It is natural artificial insemination used by a surrogate mother. The artificial insemination is used with father’ s sperm to get the child. The most terrible thing about conventional surrogacy is when the resulted child born, the child is genetically  related to the surrogate mother and develop emotional tie up with born child, and in many cases we have seen that mother refused to deliver the baby.

Gestational Surrogacy:– in gestational surrogacy the process commence by taking the mother ‘s egg and the father’s sperm and carefully fertilized in the laboratory and resulted embryo is than implanted into the mother’s uterus, this is a safe and healthy process in regards of child birth. The most  useful and best part of  undergoing gestational surrogacy is that when the child take birth, the genetic quality of intended coupe is similar and process all biological quality with intended  couple.

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adminThe Most prestigious Film Director in the Indian Cinema Experience Surrogacy

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