Lowest Cost of ICSI Treatment in India

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Infertility treatments are available in a variety of centres with varying degrees of success and expense. WORLD FERTILITY SERVICES is a well-known and best destination for ICSI treatment.

 It is known for excellent infertility treatment services at a reasonable cost. It has a high rate of effectiveness in a variety of treatments.

What is ICSI treatment?

Infertility can cost any couple their happiness and leave them childless forever. Many couples choose to adopt a child, while others opt for fertility treatments such as IVF or surrogacy. IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is the method that performs with the eggs and sperm fertilize outside the body and provide conception. For better IVF treatment results, approaches can help in raising the success rates. ICSI treatment is the top approach with IVF for higher results. ICSI treatment cost in India is reasonable and would be the best place for treatment.

 ICSI is an infertility treatment that helps the couple to achieve conception with several infertility problems. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is a technique that conducts with the help of reproductive doctors and cutting-edge technology. ICSI can perform along with IVF procedures to attain the pregnancy. It assists in various infertility conditions of males and females. Experts recommend ICSI for a higher success rate since it aids in the fertilization of eggs and sperm. It is a sophisticated operation carried out in well-equipped facilities. Sperm swims and attaches to eggs, allowing the head to insert into them on a Petri plate. When male sperm has difficulty, your specialist may recommend additional procedures such as ICSI. In it, sperm will use to prepare and, a healthy one will inject into each egg. ICSI success rate in India is higher than in other countries.

Can anyone select IVF with ICSI treatment in India?

IVF is the treatment that requires a higher good amount of eggs and sperm but, due to various it affects and causes conception failure. IVF and other approaches can provide the best results in conceiving. The following ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) procedure is similar to IVF by placing the embryo into the female womb for pregnancy. To assist infertility issues that cannot cure through IVF treatment so ICSI and other approaches can use. The following condition in which the couple can have IVF with ICSI in India:

· The couple fails to conceive in the previous regular IVF cycle in which the hormonal medications assists and sperm with eggs for fertilization.

·   The male partner has issues with sperm like low sperm count, motility and morphology that affect fertility.

·   A couple has higher age that creates problems in producing sperm or eggs. It also affects their health and quality and become a barrier between the successful pregnancy and the couple.

·  If only a few eggs or sperm have extracts from the body, there are fewer odds of fertilization.

What is the procedure of IVF with ICSI treatment in India?

IVF with ICSI treatment in India includes various vital steps. It accomplishes by the lab fertility experts using the latest methods and technology. Its procedure is done with the eggs and sperm fertilization and placing the embryo into the female uterus for results. The ICSI procedure step by step in India is following:

1.        Stimulation For enough amount and mature eggs, hormonal medicines will stimulate the ovaries to assist them in quality production. It boosts the ovaries function to increase the number of eggs. In the treatment cycle, high eggs number requires successful results. 
2.          Retrieval With the boosting procedure, the egg production will monitor to determine the optimal time for retrieving them and determine the production time. A catheter is a device that helps in the procedure. It will insert from the cervix opening to the uterus with the help of a speculum. Using a needle, detach the eggs from the follicles.
3.        Collection The male will advise to ejaculate and produce a semen sample to give to experts. It will wash by them to prepare for the insemination. By washing, the toxic particles remove and healthy sperm selects from the sample.The donor sperm can also use in the process if self sperm has a problem.
4.        FertilizationIn the regular IVF, the sperm and eggs place together on a petri dish for fertilization but, in ICSI, it is different. First, both will examine to find the healthy condition. A single healthy will inject directly into each egg cytoplasm for insemination. It will form embryos after some days.
5.        ImplantationAll embryos will observe under your fertility expert for four to three days to choose one highly developed. The expert can more than one embryo to transfer into the uterus. The catheter will insert through the cervix and, the selected one will place on it. In the female uterus, the device will implant it inside.
6.        Results The implanted embryos will attach themselves to the uterus wall and grow. After two weeks of this process, a blood test will confirm the pregnancy.

The main difference between IVF and ICSI is in the insemination process. In ICSI, single sperm injects into each egg and, for insemination in IVF, a high amount of sperm combine with the eggs. ICSI is the treatment that performs with IVF as the whole procedure is similar except the fertilization.

How much does ICSI cost in India? 

ICSI treatment cost in India is reasonable than in other countries. The ICSI procedure cost in India rages around (approx.) INR. 1,85,000 to 2,00,000.

Various factors related to your infertility conditions and approaches will affect the cost of ICSI treatment in India.  

ICSI success rate in India is higher with IVF as 70% to 80% that is very high than the regular IVF treatment. The age, condition, treatment, and other factors will affect the success rates.  

Where to have the best ICSI treatment in India?

In India, WORLD FERTILITY SERVICES is the best place to have ICSI, IVF and other infertility treatments. For infertility treatments, they have the best experienced and skilled specialists. They have the best success rate of various treatments. The ICSI treatment cost in India by the centre is highly affordable.

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