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What is azoospermia in the male partner?

Not only female condition but male infertility status affects the couple opportunity of conceiving. Due to various problems, couples face infertility conditions. A male is equally involved in their infertility. If the female partner cannot conceive under normal fertility conditions, then the male partner should be the one to deal with the issue.

Azoospermia is the condition of infertility in the male partner. The man does not have a sperm count present in the semen sample. It can assist with the azoospermia pregnancy treatments and, a man facing such issues can become have a biological child. The treatment for azoospermia in India provides by infertility centres.

The male partner produces sperm through ejaculation sperm presents in it that fertilizes with the eggs. If it does not have sperm, the female partner cannot conceive, that cause brings sorrow and emotional trauma to their lives. In comparison to other countries, Indian has affordable azoospermia treatment costs.

1.   What are the Azoospermia symptoms a man can face?

A man can face problems, such as infertility, low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, discomfort, and pain in the testicles. Other minor problems can be the azoospermia symptoms such as colour change, odour, or consistent semen changes. Your fertility specialist, who evaluates the problem and recommends remedies, will explain the real cause and condition.

2.   What can be the reason for your azoospermia?

Any male can have no sperm count because of various reasons. For healthy sperm, lifestyle and other factors matter most. The azoospermia reasons cannot verify as one because many consequences can be devoted to it.

Some particular reasons are following:

Many people are living unhealthy life with having junk foods, excessive alcohol, tobacco, and things that affect a person body and fertility as well. It causes hormonal imbalance and digestive problems, due to which a person can face infertility.

Due to any treatment like cancer or tumour, the radiation or toxic contact affects the sperm count and quality. It causes infertility after the treatment, due to the harmful wave, therapy though severe conditions can treat. 

If you are using any medicines for a long time, it can affect your fertility by affecting the testosterone level in the male body. It causes poor sperm quality and counts.  

3.   What are the types of azoospermia?

The three types of it can be present in the male body. It has obstructive and Non-obstructive forms.

1.       Hormones play an essential function in a healthy reproductive process. The pre-testicular or non-obstructive condition cause Hormone imbalance that impacts fertility because a guy cannot create sperm of adequate quality and quantity. Pre testicular is the cause of hormone imbalance that causes poor sperm count and quality. Your reproductive tract function is proper, but your brain is not triggering sperm production through the chemicals.
2.       Testicular (Non-obstructive): It is the issue within the testes that affects sperm production. The male testes do not produce testosterone and do not respond. It can be a reason for Klinefelters syndrome that affects sperm production by affecting the Chromosomal pattern. Medicines have side effects and, regular use of specified medications can affect person fertility. Any Infection or inflammation also affects the quality and quantity of sperm.
3.       Post testicular (Obstructive): Many men have a blockage or damage in the testicles that obstruct the producing sperm. It can be a reason for trauma and injury.Some face the congenital problem that causes by any blockage in the reproductive tract present from birth.  In some cases, the male has Retrograde Ejaculation that is a blockage. It goes back into the gallbladder and exits through the urine. It causes low sperm and no sperm count in the semen sample.  

The obstructive azoospermia surgery cost in India will be higher than the non-obstructive.

Can anyone become pregnant with azoospermia?

Yes, with an azoospermia situation, a couple can become pregnant. It depends on the type of treatment for azoospermia in India of the male partner. With the assistance, many treatments can perform that helps in conceiving the couple.

The process of collecting sperm in Azoospermia condition:

  • In the blockage or obstructive azoospermia, surgery performs to open it and regular the sperm flow. Through it, the damage or deconstructed can assist to cure.  
  • Varicocele reduces sperm production and quality, which results in infertility in many cases. Through a surgical procedure, it can treat by tying the veins.
  •  The low sperm is due to hormonal imbalance that can assist with fertility medicines. Various azoospermia treatment tablets like FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormones), Clomiphene, Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG) will help.
  • With the help of a biopsy, the sperm will retrieve through the testis. It requires some invasions on the testicles.

The treatments are following to have a successful pregnancy with azoospermia:

  •  IVF (In Vitro Fertilization):

With IVF treatment, a couple can achieve pregnancy with no sperm count. In a laboratory, the sperm will inseminate with the healthy eggs of the female partner as it recovers. It can fertilize the eggs via ICSI treatment. In which a single healthy sperm injects into each egg. It incubates for several days for the development and one highly developed implant into the female uterus for conception.   

  •  ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection);

As one prepares healthy sperm to inject into each developed egg, ICSI treatment help to provide high results. It observes in the lab for some days to have one highly developed. After some days, it will transfer to the female uterus.  

  • TESA/PESA (Percutaneous Epididymal sperm aspiration):

Its process involves a fine needle passing into the testis and sending to the lab for checking and then fertilized with ICSI cycle. 

In TESE, semen samples will collect from the testes with the help of a needle. It can gather outside and be prepared to use for insemination with ICSI.

  •  MESA/TESE (Microsurgical Epididymal sperm aspiration/Testicular sperm extraction):

It recommends the treatment of obstructive type, which involves local anaesthetic and surgical microscope usage.

In MESA, a small incision performs to locate the sperm inside the epididymis and collect. In TESE, also the small incision made through which the sperm directly excretes. Further for fertilization, inseminate with eggs in the ICSI treatment.

Where to have the best Azoospermia treatment in India?

WORLD FERTILITY SERVICES is the best medical tourism company with various approaches like treatment for azoospermia in India. They have affordable costs for many treatments with transparency and top services. 

The azoospermia treatment cost in the centre is lesser than in other destinations.

For IVF and other ART processes, the WFS can be the best because of its infrastructure and well-equipped technologies. All the treatments accomplish with the latest technologies and advanced approaches guidance. They provide egg and sperm donors to use in procedures.

They have several treatments for no sperm count and other male infertility conditions. It provides high success rates in various infertility therapies that increase the conception chances of couples.

adminBest Azoospermia Treatment India | Azoospermia Treatment Cost

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