Having A Baby After 35

“Surrogacy” compassionate effort towards ‘’better living’’ a great opportunity to build family.

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Time after time, several changes occur in our life, need and in desire. And any obstacle in fulfilling the path may bring mammoth suffering. However, once the couple gets to marry, the only desire is left to enjoy the feeling of parenthood with the beautiful child. What is better than this if married couple able to get their own child in time? But what if not, this not brings so much frustration, disappointment and gloomy. And further repercussion in form of separation may occur and shattered the family relationship. And what is finally let upon is treatment, the treatment which serves perfect remedy and helps to fulfill their longing desire. As you may go through different clinic and medical center . you may comes across numerous recommendation and advice .and finally, on the basis of it, they discover what the right treatment is. But here is the world of best treatment which includes 100% assurance.

 What is surrogacy and its procedure:- surrogacy is one of the more assisted reproduction technique which helps to conceive. The method of surrogacy ideally begins, when male’s sperm and mother’s egg are taken together and mix it manually in the laboratory for the fertilization and once the fertilization takes place then resulted embryo is then transferred to the uterus of the woman. For surrogacy, a woman is specially hired for the process of surrogacy, and surrogate mother has to carry a child in her womb till the pregnancy occurred.  Surrogacy is a blessing for the woman, whose pregnancy may trigger dangerous risk. And pregnancy is not medically possible. So, they can happily look for a way towards surrogacy.

 What are the comprehensive Benefit of surrogacy:-

  • When normal pregnancy is medically not possible.
  • Pregnancy may trigger dangerous for health.
  • Surrogacy is very safe and healthy process with the establishment of great bonding.

Surrogacy bill’’ law intervention to protect woman from exploitation. Due to constant exploitation of surrogate, it brings numerous anxieties. During the time of surrogacy, a surrogate mother passes through mental torture as well as physically. And in some instance, they are financially deprived from the medical center. By seeing the present crisis, the supreme court of India has intervened to safeguard the pride of the woman. So, surrogacy bill 2016 is reviewed by the parliamentary board to investigate into the matter of surrogacy. The purposed surrogacy regulation (2016) bill watershed new bill and imposed the blanket ban on commercial surrogacy in order to see the exiting concern on surrogacy. and allow altruistic surrogacy in India.

The bill enters into the law by following two caveats. One is altruistic surrogacy and other is the complete ban on surrogacy for the foreigner.

Altruistic surrogacy:- the interested female can participate for the Nobel cause of surrogacy, by her own choice, no coercive force applied, finding violation may lead to the criminal offense under the surrogacy bill. and only an India woman, who is legally married may avail the benefit of surrogacy.

Foreigner is not allowed for surrogacy:- only Indian is allowed to take part in the surrogacy, while no foreigner can go for surrogacy .and it is considered illegal in India. Before the implementation of the law, thousands of couple make the visit to India for surrogacy. And in the name of surrogacy, several women are caught under the exploitation. The surrogacy bill 2016 take initiate to curb surrogacy

admin“Surrogacy” compassionate effort towards ‘’better living’’ a great opportunity to build family.

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