What are the Requirements to become a Surrogate Mother?

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Acquaint with Prerequisites to be Surrogate Mother

how to become a surrogate mother

With a click-of-intention to tick over elite address of medicine, the medical industry plays really an important role in making visible an image of hale and hearty lifestyle. As the world of medicine banks best for reliable and result-oriented medical treatments and surgeries, people are generally seen standing concrete of each practice from the medical industry. So it is been thoroughly all-answers for those who wish to enliven their journey-to-parenthood.

At this juncture, worldfertilityservices.com is intentional to have widened its wings in delivering its best-in-class and latest fertility solutions, including healthy database of Surrogates. At the company, it is clear to believe on its every medical endeavor in manner to wipe out ”Infertility” of the world. Now let us take a comprehensive discussion over requirements of Surrogate mothers are completely important factors to make possible a surrogate baby for intended parents.

Requirements to Surrogate Mother

Become a Surrogate Mother Steps


  1. Has given birth to the child: Consider it the number one requirement to become a surrogate mother with Surrogate alternatives as well as all IVF clinics. At this reason, it means to understand that once a woman gives birth, it shows she is able to become pregnant. Also, the IVF clinic is likely to require OB records from the surrogate, so the IVF physician could evaluate them to make sure the surrogate had an ordinary pregnancy. In addition, the reason Surrogate Alternatives likes to recognize you are raising your child, is that it explains constancy as not only a mother and but also in life.
  2. Has a healthy lifestyle: Yes, this seems as the very important to all the parties involved.  Our surrogate mothers must live to a healthy lifestyle to take care of someone else’s child. Basically, Intended parents wish to make sure their surrogate mother to look after the pregnancy like they would if it was their own child they were bearing. In addition, this ensures that the baby has a great start to life.
  3. Be financially stable: At this section, the surrogate mothers are financially stable and not collecting to government assistance. Also this matters to us that we have to make sure they are becoming a surrogate mother for the right reasons and just not exclusively on the funds they will get. Women who sign to become surrogates comprehend that it obtains sacrifice and time to be a surrogate mother. Also, it is a great to receive the extra funds for your future, whether used to go back to school or to save for a down payment on a first home.
  4. Responsible lifestyle: Surrogate Alternatives undergoes that the two above requirements fit into this category. We experience a surrogate mother must live a stable lifestyle in order to become a surrogate mother. This signifies no drugs of any kind, whether it is street or prescription pills without your OB’s consent.
  5. Be a non-smoker: When you sign up to become a surrogate mother, it becomes also one of the important factors. During the pregnancy, smoking can cause a stillbirth, premature delivery, and the low birth weight. Also, it will discontinue the oxygen to the baby by reducing the blood vessels throughout your body, such as the ones in the umbilical cord.
  6. BMI under 32: Yes, IVF clinics are become as the very strict in regard to the body mass index (BMI) a surrogate mother must be, in order to be a surrogate mother. To understand BMI, consider you are over the normal BMI that you are at a greater risk of extending diabetes that can be a risk not only to you but also, to the pregnancy.
  7. No history of mental illness: To be a surrogate mother, you have to schedule appointments, bear in mind to attend them and take the correct medication when the time comes. In addition, you have to be able to read and to comprehend the legal contract you will be become involved with the couple you help to. Being a surrogate mother needs you to give up your rights to the baby once you deliver, as you are only the carrier and not the biological or legal parent.
  8. Your age is between 21-38: We consider important that our surrogates need to be at least 21 years of age to be a surrogate; this is also an IVF clinic requirement. Also, we do accept surrogate mothers up to the age of 38, since it is the egg donors or intended mothers who offer their eggs, and not the surrogate mother.
  9. The surrogate must concur to mental & drug screenings: This renders as one of the standard requirements of our program and the IVF clinic. The IVF clinic not only needs it, but it is important as you are bearing someone else’s child and must ensure you are healthy. The intended parents must set their trust in you, a complete stranger and this only facilitates them through this emotional process.
  10. IUD’s to be removed: If you have an IUD for the birth control, you have to schedule an appointment with your OB or primary care doctor to have it removed. You cannot continue with an IVF cycle if you have an IUD, as the IVF doctor will need to observe your uterus to make sure there is no scarring or fibroids and he cannot do this with an IUD in place.
  11. Tubal ligation becomes acceptable: It is reasonable if you have had your tubes united. As a surrogate mother, your eggs will not be used, only your uterus as the carrier.
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