Nutrition for Baby Wellness

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A question every parent asks for their babies at some point of time is,” what should I feed my baby”? , and to find a answer that satisfies them, they may talk with parents around them, hit the library, or go on for a long and lengthy Google search which you may find conflicting with each other.

As parents we wish to do all we can to bring our children up to be healthy and happy no matter what it takes. Therefore let’s take a closer look at what you can do for your baby in the first 12 month to support for babies health and wellness.

Age 0-6 months

At this point of time breastfeeding is quite necessary for your baby. It helps in developing baby’s intestinal track and making it prepare for solid foods. Mother’s milk provides a perfect combination of protein, carbohydrate, and other nutrients that are necessary for baby’s development.

6months-8 month’s age

By this time baby grows and his or her digestive system grows as well, but don’t pressurized yourself to rush your baby into eating solid foods. Breast feeding should be use as main source of food as this allows introducing foods such as bananas, oats, Vegetables such as steamed cauliflower, pear and many more.

Age 8- 12 months

By this time teeth’s start appearing and baby probably likes picking food for him or her with or without your help. You don’t need to worry about pureeing everything at this time but cooking light fruits and vegetables helps your baby to grow healthier.

If you want a healthy brain for your kid, it’s necessary for you to choose your parenting wisely..

Few important points for every parent that can help them grow their baby:

  • Breast feeding if possible
  • You should know the nutrients that you are feeding them
  • Don’t forget the fat and protein in baby’s diet
  • Play with their food
  • Don’t give up




adminNutrition for Baby Wellness

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