How much does blood pregnancy test cost in India

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’’Since the invention’’ of modern technology is the field of gynecology, it has made pregnancy literally very easy and safe to let the woman get pregnant. However, the pregnant woman is always recommended to pass through several tests, for instance, blood test, urine test and beta HCG test. it is quite true that the woman before pregnancy has to face numerous health concern, and it is advisable to meet the doctor to get the right treatment before the disease gets spread in the whole body. so the blood test is one of the essential tests for a woman to avoid any disease.

Blood pregnancy test:-

As we all know different medical center charge differently, out of them some may charge significantly high amount .and may the blood test was done with lack of attention as result we have often seen that a woman has to face may hurdle in the later stage of pregnancy. and therefore, several pregnancies get failed due to the minor mistake,  but gestation surrogacy India offers you much easy and modern technology, that it makes all medical test including blood test safe and authentic.

What Is blood pregnancy test and how does it work:-

A blood pregnancy test is a quantitative HCG blood test, to show how much HCG human chronic gonadoropian) in your blood. This is one of the most essential test are being recommended, when a woman pass through the stage of pregnancy.

In order to test your blood for HCG , a blood  sample is taken from your  veins , through the process called venipuncture.

HCG is a hormone which is secreted in pregnancy and detectable by blood test about 10 to 12 days after conception.

However, blood test is more useful test and share much information than a urine test. it is compulsory test which is required in order to know . Once the HCG test found in your blood than it become clear that the woman is pregnant. And if it is not found in your blood after test it means that you are not pregnant. And generally you HCG test get double in about every two days in pregnancy.

So by having continued HCG test at the gap of 48 hour you will be able to track the HCG test. and get the better reading of your pregnancy.

Consult your doctor or your nearest clinic, if you think a blood test for pregnancy is right for you, otherwise you are supposed to rely on HPT test.

How the HCG test are being interpreted in order to get the right reading:-

Normal result from a quantitative HCG test May guides you that HCG level are rising during the first trimester of pregnancy.and slightly declining may means a variety of thing .when HCG is higher than normal may indicate many thing.  It may occur infection or malignant tumor of the uterus, may woman suffer from ovarian cancer, but sometimes it is just normal. But still it is advisable to consult your nearest doctor for blood test to get safe pregnancy.

Pregnancy test cost:- ’has set the least price  so that all can effort and proceed for pregnancy test. the  nominal cost range from  400 to 600 rupees.

adminHow much does blood pregnancy test cost in India

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