Why is it important to consider about sperm freezing before vasectomy?

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Sperm bank is the collection and storage of healthy sperms where freezing is also done. At sperm bank sperm are stored at very low temperature which remains useful even after many years of storage. Freezing and storage for long time provides non surgical options for couples who decide to conceive after vasectomy. But not all sperm survive while freezing, therefore sperm banking should not be taken as safe or fail option as vasectomy is the permanent form of birth control which is widely used. A person goes for sperm bank option because of following reasons:

  • Change in couples mind about having children
  • If there is re-marriage in couples
  • A person who has a vasectomy at early age of his life but later decides to have children
  • If you are under 35 and want to plan family

The success rate for restoring fertility with a vasectomy are good enough, but in many situations it may not be a “sure bet” as it completely depends from person to person. Sperm is collected at sperm bank and if it’s convenient for you, you have the option of collecting your sample and shipping it to the sperm bank using a special packaging.

The freshness of the sperm sample matters a lot as it may affect the sperms viability therefore its best to provide sperm at facility if it’s convenient for you.

The process of sperm freezing is called cryopreservation and storage is called is stored at very low temperature and can be frozen infinitely, through it may lose its efficiency depending upon how it reacts to freezing.


adminWhy is it important to consider about sperm freezing before vasectomy?

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