Does the collection of more eggs increase your chance of pregnancy from IVF?

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During IVF eggs of women and sperm of men are brought together in a glass dish t allow the sperm to fertilized t form an embryo. When you go for ivf treatment you may use any combination of your own eggs and sperm, or donor’s eggs and sperm. After the ivf process one or more than one fertilized eggs are transferred to the women’s uterus.

Ovulation or retrieval f eggs: to prepare for ivf treatment using self egg, you may required hormone treatment to control ovulation, this helps to prevent unexpected ovulation which may interrupt your ivf procedure.

After the first week your healthcare provider checks your blood tests and performs ultrasound to check whether eggs are maturing in the follicles or not. In the following week your dosage may change according to the requirement.

What to expect in IVF treatment:

When we overall talk about IVF procedure it is about injections, monitoring and procedures etc. these procedures are done on outpatients and require only a short recovery time for patient. You might experience cramping during the procedure, you may be advised to avoid to avoid certain activities which causes stress and remind you for bed rest for few days, depending upon your medical conditions and your health.

Why IVF is required?

  • Ivf may be taken as optional treatment if you are experiencing of the following issues:
  • Blocked or damaged fallopian tubes
  • Endometriosis issues
  • Low sperm count in males
  • Unexplained infertility issues continued for long time.

An examination to check for any inherited disorders before embryo transfer takes place.

IVF can also be performed even if:

  • Women has a tubal surgery
  • A woman does not have fallopian tubes
  • Women’s fallopian tubes are blocked or damaged and cannot be repaired.

Things to avoid during IVF process:

  • Cheese items
  • Coffee or caffeine
  • Aquatic consumables items
  • Alcohol
  • No smoking






adminDoes the collection of more eggs increase your chance of pregnancy from IVF?

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